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When Does Your Trash/Recycle Go Out?

We Can Help!

Post Date:11/01/2016

With just a few keystrokes, Williamsburg residents can make trash and recycling pick-up a lot easier. Now on the City’s website and mobile app is ReCollect, a software tool designed to provide reminders and answers to trash and recycling programs.

ReCollect will provide the following:
• The citizen’s specific garbage/recycling collection day simply by typing in a City street address.
• A sign up capability to have a text, email or phone call reminders sent prior to collection day.
• An interactive list of what can/cannot be recycled.
• A printable calendar showing garbage/recycling collection days based on an address that can be posted in the home.
• An alert system to announce delays or changes in collection schedule.
• Capacity to include other program schedules such as leaf collection.

“This is yet another great way to use technology to make one of the most important City services a little easier for the public,” says the City’s IT Manager, Mark Barham. While trash collection occurs every week, recycling is picked-up every other week. “Occasionally, residents can’t remember if this is the week to roll the recycling cart to the curb or not. ReCollect can send a reminder to put your trash and/or your recycle cart out and bring the cart back after pick-up.”

Williamsburg City Council encourages City staff to engage the community, find innovative ways to enhance the quality of life in the City and to promote the use of smart technology. “Residents now have the option to receive a reminder using ReCollect’s notification service,” says Dan Clayton, the City’s Public Works and Utilities Director. “And this will allow us to send out a notification, if necessary, that solid waste services have been delayed due to something like faulty equipment or weather related issues.”

“We also hope that the new online system will keep your collection schedule ‘top of mind’ which should help encourage residents to keep their neighborhoods and the entire community beautiful which means removing carts from the curb after collection,” says Clayton. In the meantime, the City’s Planning and Codes Compliance Department will continue to contact homeowners and tenants when carts are left at the curb.