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City Decorates for the Holidays

Post Date:12/06/2017 9:55 AM

Thanks to the creativity, engineering skill and commitment of members of the City of Williamsburg’s Public Works Department and the Williamsburg Area Council of Garden Clubs, residents, visitors and staff enjoy beautifully decorated holiday wreaths, garland and even a poinsettia tree in City buildings and facilities.   

It all began back in 2009, when a city employee’s mother asked why the City purchased Christmas wreaths and didn’t make them in-house. She then volunteered, along with 3 friends and some assistance from the City’s Public Works Landscape Division, to make and decorate wreaths for City use. The wreaths were stunning and the rest is history. This relationship continued and evolved with the landscape division now assembling the wreaths with area trimmings from trees and shrubs to make the process easier for the volunteers.

Several years ago, the wreath-decorating baton was passed on to the Williamsburg Area Council of Garden Clubs which today, serves as a service project for the group. This year’s group completed 20 wreaths. City landscape staff picked up the finished product and hung them on the Municipal Building, Community Building, Transportation Center, Police Station, Quarterpath Recreation Center and the Williamsburg Library. Some locations include live evergreen garland.

In 2011, the City’s Landscape Division Superintendent came up with the idea of a poinsettia tree for the lobby of the Municipal Building. He coordinated with co-workers in designing and building the scaffolding for the tree. Once completed, they assembled the tree, after hours, to surprise the City staff the next morning. It worked – the staff was pleasantly surprised. Then, in 2015, a large metal pineapple was discovered on an old street post sign that was hit by a car, instead of throwing it out, an employee’s daughter painted the pineapple and it became the new poinsettia tree topper. The tree continues to be a highlight of the holiday season, standing 13 feet tall with 145 faux poinsettias. In addition, when the sun sets, the Municipal Building is lit for the holiday season with candles in the windows.

Wreath_garland Muni Bldg Transportation Ctr wreath Christmas poinsettia tree