Tai Chi

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Tai ChiTai Chi is a fun and gentle exercise for body and mind. It is an enjoyable way to improve mobility, balance and overall well-being. Check out the 4 types of classes Williamsburg Parks and Recreation offers at Quarterpath Recreation Center. 

•  Please complete registration and release form to participate.
•  All classes held at Quarterpath Recreation Center.
•  Register in person at Quarterpath Recreation Center or by phone (757) 259-3760.

Tai Chi 40 Form Class:
This class builds on 24 Form with added nuances.  It also introduces some new, more advanced moves. The form will be taught so even beginners can readily learn this lovely athletic style of Yang Tai Chi movement.

Day: Tuesday
Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Cost: $60.00 ($8.50 drop in)

Tai Chi 24 Form Class:
This entry level Tai Chi form is a great way to begin your Tai Chi training! Students will be taught the basic positions and techniques used in Yang style Tai Chi forms. Because of the 10 week format, the class will only cover approximately 2/3 of the entire form.

Dates:          TBD
Day: Wednesday
Time: 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm
Cost:  $60.00  ($8.50 drop in)

Tai Chi FanTai Chi Fan Class:
Tai Chi Fan is a fun and interesting way to learn and practice two ancient forms of Chinese exercise. The form is done to two tempos; the slower Tai Chi tempo as well as the quicker Kung Fu beat. Fans will be available for students to borrow during the class or available for purchase.

Day: Wednesday
Time:  1:45 pm - 2:45 pm
Cost:  $60.00   ($8.50 drop in)


Tai Chi 105 Long Form Class:
This 10 week class will cover approximately the first two sections of this Long Form. The Yang Traditional Long Form - 105 Movements, uses techniques established prior the modern era of Tai Chi practices. The pace of the class will depend on student experience.

Dates:           TBD 
Day:  Wednesday 
Time:  5:30 pm - 6:30 pm 
Cost:  $60.00 ($8.50 drop in) 

T 5-Class Pass (3)NEW! 5-Class Pass
Want to try both Yoga classes, but don't want to join the whole class? Now Available: 5-CLASS PASS for $40. Fitness Classes available for drop-in are BarreFlow, Yoga and Tai Chi! Try all 3! Stop by the Quarterpath Recreation Center today to purchase a pass!