Downtown Parking Study 2016-2017

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The purpose of the Downtown Parking Study is to analyze the opportunities and needs for parking in Downtown Williamsburg and develop a parking master plan for the next 10 years that meets the needs of visitors, downtown merchants and employees, City residents, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and the College of William and Mary. There is a growing sense that the City and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation may need to make adjustments in current parking policies and practices to better accommodate current and future parking demand. The City’s goal is to develop an exceptional downtown parking system and to make public investments that promise an economic return and support private investment in the downtown area.

A vital element of the 2016-17 Parking Study is public engagement and involvement. There will be several ways for you, the local community, to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas:

  • Online Survey – was completed at the end of March. We thank everyone for participating.


The City currently has six parking facilities (including a two-story parking garage). See map for details.

  Parking Garage


To see the area of study, view this map.


TIMELINE 2016-2017

  • January 2016:  Downtown Parking Study begins
  • February 4 and 5:  Stakeholder meetings
  • March:  Conduct online survey for downtown parking and weekday/weekend parking occupancy survey
  • May:  City staff and consultants meet to discuss study progress
  • May/June:  Collect and analyze data, review parking management practices, evaluate parking management systems
  • Late June:  City staff and consultants meet to discuss progress
  • July:  Conduct second weekday and weekend parking occupancy survey
  • July/August:  Develop options for increasing parking supply, prepare implementation plan
  • August:  Discuss report findings and recommendations with City staff
  • September:  Present Draft Downtown Parking Master Plan and Recommendations to City Council at the September 6 City Council Work Session
  • September-August 2017:  Develop final report for Downtown Parking Study
  • Fall 2017:  Staff will provide recommendations (based on final report) to City Council 
  • Implementation


Staff will provide recommendations to City Council in Fall 2017.