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Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  
Office is located at 401 Lafayette Street, Williamsburg, VA 23185

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What's New?  Watch an informational video - New Recycling Program

Collection  Schedule - Recycling is collected every other Wednesday.  The City of Williamsburg is on the RED route. Call 220-6140 if you would like a calendar mailed to you.  Or print a Collection Calendar for your records.  Here are the collection dates July 2016 through June 2017:   

July 6 & 20 Aug 3, 17 & 31 Sept 14 & 28  Oct 12 & 26 Nov 9 & 23 Dec 7 & 21
Jan 4 & 18 Feb 1 & 15 Mar 1, 15, & 29 Apr 12 & 26 May 10 & 24 June 7 & 21

recycling carts - Recycling carts have been delivered and assigned to each resident.  Carts are the property of our new recycling hauler, County Waste. If you move, please leave the cart for the next resident to use.  To insure collection, place your recycling cart at the curb before 7:00 a.m. with the lid opening facing the street.  Please note that recycling carts containing household trash will not be serviced and continuous misuse will result in the removal of the recycling cart.  Do not leave your recycling cart at the curb after your collection day.

Old 18 Gallon Bins - You can keep the bin, drop it off at the Tewning Road Convenience Center located at 137 Tewning Road or use it to transport your items to a Household Chemical Collection (see dates below).  Do not place the bin at the street with your cart, crews will only empty your assigned recycling cart.


New Automated Collection - The driver does not get out of the truck, he uses a mechanical arm on the truck to lift and empty your cart.  Please make sure all of your recyclables are in your cart, do not place extra bags, boxes or the old 18 gallon bin beside your cart. If needed, please contact our office for a larger cart (35 gal, 65 gal or 96 gal) or request an additional cart.  View & Print the Recycling Brochure   

What can go into my recycling cart? - See items listed below.  Items do not have to be separated, they are sorted at the processing facility.  Do NOT place your recyclables in plastic bags!!  The plastic bags jam the sorting machinery at the processing facility.  See list below:

The following materials are recyclable items:

Cardboard - Just moved?  Flatten those boxes as you unpack and call 220-6140 to set up a large cardboard collection. Or place cardboard boxes loosely into your recycling cart.  Make sure not to overstuff which will not allow the cart to empty completely.   

Mixed Paper - Magazines, junk mail, catalogs, telephone books, office paper, cards, stationary, paper grocery bags, school paper, computer paper, shredded paper in paper bags, single layer cardboard such as cereal and tissue boxes, newspapers and advertising inserts.  

Glass Bottles & Jars - All types and colors of glass bottles and jars. Remove lids and rinse out food residue. (Metal lids cans be recycled.)

Metal Cans – Steel and aluminum food and beverage cans.  Please rinse out food residue. 

Plastic Bottles, Jugs & Containers - Water and drink bottles, shampoo, soap, and detergent bottles; widemouth containers such as butter tubs, yogurt cups, mayonnaise jars; clamshell containers such as salad bar containers, bakery product containers, strawberry containers; microwave food trays, party cups, plastic sandwich meat containers.  Please remove lids and rinse out food residue. 

Rigid Plastics - Plastic food storage containers, plastic trays and dishes, stadium cups, laundry baskets, dish drainers, home storage bins, flower pots, buckets, pails, garbage cans, plastic toys and plastic lawn furniture (no item larger than 3'x4').  

Items NOT ACCEPTED - Plastics Bags, Greasy Paper (pizza boxes), Wax Covered Fiber (such as milk or juice cartons, candy wrappers, some packing paper), Napkins, Paper Towels, Tissues, Twine, String or Wire, Ceramic Dishes or Ovenware, Plate Glass (window panes, mirrors), Light Bulbs (fluorescent and regular), Needles or Other Medical Waste, Clothes Hangers, Lawn Chair Frames, Pot & Pans, or Other Scrap Metal, Paint and Aerosol Cans, any Plastic Pesticide, Poison or Automotive Product Containers, Foam Plastic Products (styrofoam cups, plates or packing material), Diapers and Other Personnel Care Products and Plastic Lined Aluminum Cans. _______________________________________________________________________

Did you know...

In 2015 the city recycled over 8235 tons of recyclables from city operations, city businesses and residents.  Some of the items recycled:

  • 274.48 tons Commingle 
  • 2.39 Aluminum
  • 27.84 tons Cooking Oil
  • 9 tons Glass
  • 395.54 Cardboard
  • 117 tons Wood Pallets
  • 1543 tons Debris (leaves and sticks)
  • 12.37 Plastics
  • .37 tons Vehicle Batteries
  • 32.54 tons Metals
  • 53.07 tons Paper
  • 30.14 tons Tires
  • 12.45 tons Auto Oil
  • 3885 tons Asphalt
  • 15 tons Horse Manure
  • 8.54 tons Newspaper
  • 2.25 tons Oyster Shells 
  • .26 tons Tennis Shoes
  • 1814 tons collected by TFC  
    residential recycling 

Recycling suggestions for items not covered under the Residential Curbside Collection:

Antifreeze - Accepted at the Tewning Road Convenience Center and Merchants Tire and Auto Center (532 Second St., Williamsburg, VA).

Rechargeable Battery Recycling - Rechargeable batteries are accepted at the Household Chemical Collections, Best Buy and Lowes. 

Cell Phone Recycling - Verizon, Office Depot, Staples and Avalon.

Clothing/Textiles - Don't forget these are recyclable items. Gently used items can be donated to shelters or thrift stores.  And items such as towels or linens can be donated to an animal shelter or veterinarian office. For those interested in making extra money, your items can be sold through a consignment shop.

Computer and Electronics Recycling – Can be taken to the Jolly Pond Convenience Center operated by James City County.  Coupons are NOT required.  See website for details Jolly Pond.   Computer items are also collected at the Household Chemical Collection and Computer Recycling events.  See list below for approved items.  Other options: Sims Metals, 2116 Route 17, Tabb, VA 23693 (757) 599-4930, ARC, 2520 58th Street, Hampton, VA 23661 (757) 896-8463, StaplesOffice Depot and Best Buy.  

Fluorescent Light Bulbs/CFLs Recycling - Are collected at the Household Chemical Collections.  Home Depot recycles CFLs, bulbs can be dropped off at 6700 Mooretown Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188.  

Kitchen Fats, Oils and Grease Recycling - Accepted at the Tewning Road Convenience Center.  Dumping grease, fats or oil down the drain can clog sewer lines, causing sewage back-ups and flooding which in turn can cause property damage.  Crisco Shortening can be mixed with birdseed and fed to the birds.

Motor Oil Recycling - Accepted at the Tewning Road Convenience Center, Advance Auto Parts (454 Merrimac Trail), Merchants Tire and Auto Centers and WalMart Stores.

Packing Peanuts & Bubble Wrap Recycling - Williamsburg Parcel Plus, Mailstop and UPS Stores.

Plastic Plant Containers - Can be placed in your recycling cart or dropped off at Lowes.

Plastic Bag Recycling - Are accepted at the Tewning Road Convenience Center and most grocery stores provide collection bins at their entrances. Plastic bag recycling includes - plastic department store bags, newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, toilet paper/paper towel over wrap, water bottle/soda case wrap, stretch film (no household saran wrap) and plastic trash bags.    

Printer and Toner Cartridge Recycling - Office Depot and Staples.

Reading Glasses - Contact the Lion's Club at to locate drop-off sites to recycle your reading glasses.

Refrigerator Recycling - Dominion Virginia Power will pick up your secondary refrigerator or freezer from your home and pay you $50 per unit.  Call Dominion for information at 1-888-366-8280.

Sneakers/Tennis Shoe Recycling - The Nike Store located in the Prime Outlets accept sneakers for recycling.  Nike recycles all parts of the shoe, turning them into a product called "Nike Grind."  It is used to make playground and athletic surfaces.  For more info, go to  Also the Quarterpath Recreation Center or Waller Mill Park have collection boxes for sneaker recycling.

TV Recycling - There are several options on the Peninsula, no charge/small fee.  Check the following charities:  ARC of the Peninsula 757-896-9463, CHKD 757-220-5437, DAV 220-0839, Goodwill 757-941-3140 and Best Buy  757-220-1352.

Wire Hanger Recycling - Check with your local dry cleaner.   

Wood Pallets - Can be taken to JC Pallet Company, 18427 New Kent Highway, New Kent, VA 23011. Call for information 757-566-3430. _______________________________________________________________________

Household Chemical Collection and Computer Recycling - Need to get rid of old paints, household chemicals and computers?  Take items to our Household Chemical Collections.  Acceptable materials include: household maintenance products, including latex and oil-based paints, automotive products, lawn & garden products and household cleaning products.  Items not accepted: business or medical waste, compressed gas cylinders, explosives, ammunition or gun powder, shock sensitive materials, radioactive products or household trash.  Electronics will no longer be accepted.  Effective immediately, we will only accept the following Computer items: Desktop and laptop computers, servers, computer monitors, cell phones, computer wiring, desktop printers including multifunction printers or "All in Ones", fax machines, and desktop photocopiers and scanners. No TVS.  Also rechargeable batteries, fluorescent and CFL light bulbs are collected.  If you miss the Williamsburg HHC collections, Williamsburg residents are allowed to drop off items at other local collections.  For dates and locations visit or call 757-259-9850 for details.  

Williamsburg 2016 Events Completed    

2017 Event Dates TBA

2016 Household Chemical Collection and Computer Recycling Schedule


 Warhill High School
4615 Opportunity Way

Time: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

February 13, 2016
April 9, 2016
June 11, 2016
August 13, 2016
October 8, 2016

Tewning Road Convenience Recycling Center - The Tewning Road Convenience Center at 107 Tewning Road is a shared recycling center for Williamsburg and James City CoTewning Road Convenience Centerunty residents.  The center is also an recycling option for small businesses.  Glass, plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum, waste motor oil, antifreeze, plastic bags and cooking oil is collected.  Hours: Monday 8am-12pm, Tuesday-Saturday 8am-4pm.  Closed on Sundays.  For more information visit James City County’s website.

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