Cedar Grove Cemetery

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Cedar Grove Cemetery            Cedar Grove Cemetery

Cedar Grove Cemetery, located at 809 S. Henry Street is owned and operated by the City.  The 20 acre cemetery employs a full-time cemetery caretaker who is on the grounds Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm. 

Only City residents who physically live in the city are allowed to purchase burial spaces in the cemetery.  Former 10 year+ City residents are also allowed to purchase at double the current price. Proof of current and prior residency must be approved before purchase.  


To purchase: 
- Must meet residency requirements.
- Choose an available burial location by meeting with the Cemetery Caretaker.
- Execute certificate and make payment at the Municipal Building.

Memorial Gardens
          Memorial Garden

The Cedar Grove Memorial Garden within Cedar Grove Cemetery is specifically set up for cremains only.  There are no City residency requirements for burials; the garden is open to all. 

Only biodegradable containers are allowed.  Granite monuments listing the names of the deceased surround the Memorial Garden. 

To purchase:
The $350.00 fee may either be prepaid or paid at the time of burial.