Filling out the Application

When applying for any type of permit, there is some necessary information needed.

Job Address

The street address of the job, which may include an apartment number, unit number , lot number, and subdivision name.

Owner Name & Address

The legal property owner's name, mailing address, and phone number.

Contractor Name

The trade name of the contractor performing the job.  If the owner will do the work and the value is over $1,000.00, the Virginia Department of Occupational and Professional Services requires a local building department to obtain an affidavit declaring exemption from licensure.

Contractor Address, Fax & Phone Numbers

The following:

  1. Mailing address, including zip code, for the contractor
  2. Office phone number to contact when a permit is ready for pick-up
  3. The office fax number and email of the office contact person

Contact Person

The phone number and the person to contact in regards to permit issuance or inspection results.

State Registration

All contractors in Virginia must have a state "license" or registration if the work involved is greater than $1,000.00 in value.  All lawn irrigation and well drilling contractors must have a state registration, regardless of the job amount.  Property owners doing their own work or general contracting must sign an affidavit claiming their exemption from licensing and obligation to use properly licensed individuals when others are performing work on a construction project.

State Tradesmen Certification

All plumbing, electrical and mechanical permit applicants must show proof of a master tradesman certification in each area type.

Local Business License

A current local business license, or one recognized by the city, must be provided before a permit is issued. If the work will exceed $25,000, or if a contractor exceeds this amount in a calendar year, a Williamsburg business license must be obtained regardless.  Information on business licenses can be obtained by contacting the Commissioner of Revenue at 757-220-6150.

State and local law require documentation of valid state and local licenses at the time of permit application.

Value of Work

The contract amount of the job and includes all material and labor.

Description of Work

A brief description of the proposed work. It may be as simple as "to remove existing and install a 100,000 BTU gas-fired furnace." It may be "to construct an 8000 square foot restaurant."

Applicant Signature 

It should also be noted that a signature is required on all permits and applications. The permit may be signed and obtained by the owner or lessee, contractor, architect or engineer, or an authorized agent for the owner, but it should be remembered that the permit is for work performed for or by the owner.