Welcome to the Finance Department.

Thursday, November 17th, 2022, the Real Estate Office, Finance Cashiering, and Utility Billing Office will be closed for a meeting from 11AM -12:30PM. The drop box at the front of the building will be available. 

Our Mission

To provide exceptional stewardship and safeguarding of City assets by maintaining financial management, reporting, and internal control systems, with accountability to the public in a responsible and timely manner, while providing secure and reliable information technology resources to staff and the public.

Tax Rates / Due Dates for City of Williamsburg

Type of TaxDue DateRate
Real Estate TaxDue June 1st and December 1st$0.62 per $100 assessed value
Personal Property TaxDue December 1st$3.50 per $100 National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) average loan value
Room and Meal TaxDue the 20th of each month5% of gross sales
$2 Lodging TaxDue the 20th of each month$2 per room per night

Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses expire on Dec. 31 and are available for renewal/purchase on Nov. 1 of each year.