Neighborhood Improvement Program

Codes Compliance Programs

The City of Williamsburg, through its Codes Compliance Division, offers several programs as part of a city-wide effort to promote safer housing, heighten awareness of building safety, and support neighborhood quality of life for city residents. Elements include city-wide curbside inspections (NIP) of all properties on a rotating basis, adjacent property and occupant complaints, and a recently adopted Rental Inspection Program.

Neighborhood Improvement Program (NIP)

The Neighborhood Improvement Program enforced city-wide since 1998 is performed on a rotating basis. This program looks for exterior building and property conditions that violate city and state codes. Some of these codes contain provisions for:

  • Exterior storage
  • General exterior building maintenance
  • Grass and weed maintenance
  • Inoperable motor vehicles
  • Trash and debris
  • Trash container storage
  • Vehicle parking requirements

Violations of these codes contain mostly civil penalties.  An opportunity is given to correct violations before the initiation of legal action.