Rental Inspection Program

About the Program

The City of Williamsburg has implemented a Rental Inspection Program that requires interior and exterior inspections of certain rental units.  The program requires the inspection of rental properties in four established districts when a unit is offered for rent and every four years after the initial inspection..  The program applies in areas that have exhibited the highest number of complaints and/or code violations, the highest number of known rental units, and in areas that have some of the oldest city housing that requires additional maintenance attention.

Occupants or property owners may request an inspection at any time, whether a property is located in or out of one of the established districts.

Contact Us

If you want information about the city's property conservation efforts and the latest on the Rental Inspection Program, you can contact the Codes Compliance Division at 757-220-6136 or visit our office at:
401 Lafayette Street
Williamsburg, VA, 23185-3617