Community Emergency Response Team

The Williamsburg Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program was implemented in order to educate the city residents about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their community. The CERT members are trained in order to help cope in the time period following a disaster when public safety personnel may be overwhelmed and unable to assist.

Basic disaster response skills are taught, such as:

  • Disaster medical operations
  • Fire safety
  • Light search and rescue
  • Team organizationCERT Logo

Photo of a man extinguishing a fire
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Contact Us

To learn more about the CERT program, please contact us at 757-220-6220.


We are now accepting applications for our October 2023 class. All classes are from 6:00pm until 10pm. The 2 Saturday classes are 9:00am until 12:30pm.  Classes are as follows:

  • Disaster Preparedness  Oct. 5th
  • CERT Organization  Oct 10th
  • Search and Rescue  Oct. 12th 
  • Medical Operations I  Oct 17th
  • Medical Operations II  Oct. 19th
  • Skills Review  Oct. 21st
  • Fire Safety Oct. 24th  
  • Terrorism and Disaster Psychology Oct. 26th   
  • Final Exercise : Disaster Simulation Oct. 28th  

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