Headquarters & Station

The Fire Department Headquarters is situated near the historic district of downtown Williamsburg. It is mere blocks from the colonial capital of Virginia and the campus of William and Mary. The station is situated in an ideal location where crews can easily respond to the citizens and visitors of Williamsburg in a timely manner. 

A state-of-the-art Fire Station is being constructed by David Nice Builders and is slated to be complete by Summer 2023. Visit our Station Project page for up-to-date progress!


All of the essential functions of the fire department  will operate out of the new station including:

  • Administrative Offices
  • Fire and EMS Operations
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Department Museum
  • Volunteer Department Operations

Current Location 

While undergoing construction, our department is operating out of temporary facilities. Our administrative staff is located on the third floor of the Municipal Building at 401 Lafayette St. The third floor also houses our bunkrooms and other living spaces for our shift personnel. 

The responding apparatus is housed in a large tent on the Municipal campus and in the City Shop Garage. Some of our other support apparatus are stored at the water treatment facility and other locations throughout the city. 

Finally, our shift personnel has access to a day room and kitchen in the public works breakroom. These temporary facilities enable us to maintain operations and continue to meet response needs of the community. 

Photo of New Fire Station Design