Fire Academy


The mission of the Hampton Roads Recruit Fire Academy is to provide quality training, unhampered by tradition, that will enable firefighters to perform their jobs in a manner that will result in a reduction of deaths, injuries, and property loss from fire, hazardous situations, medical emergencies, and other disasters.

Classes & Fire Science Instruction

New members of the Williamsburg Fire Department will attend the Hampton Roads Recruit Fire Academy (HRRFA) for seventeen weeks. While in the academy, members attend classes Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm with occasional evenings and weekends, as deemed necessary by the HRRFA Instructors. Members will endure four months of Fire Science Instruction followed by a written and skills test.

Physical Training

In addition to classroom instruction, members will participate in daily physical training. The physical training is to simulate "real-life" situations that may arise during your career and to push you to achieve peak physical condition. Therefore, it is imperative to make physical fitness a priority in order to perform at your highest level. The number one reason students do not successfully complete the Academy is their inability to meet the required physical standards.