City Ordinances

City Ordinances

Noise Ordinance

The City of Williamsburg has established specific rules regarding noise during certain hours and the level of noise that is allowed within defined City limits. Please refer to the following codes regarding our noise ordinance:

Street Performers in Merchants Square

The City of Williamsburg has established regulations on street performances in Merchants Square. Medallions that mark the approved 10x10 performance areas can be found in three places on the Merchants Square sidewalk of Duke of Gloucester Street.


The City of Williamsburg requires all persons that go from place to place or house to house in the city for the purpose of, selling or taking orders for or offering to sell or take orders for goods, wares or merchandise, or any article for future delivery, or for services to be performed in the future, needs to obtain a "Solicitor Permit" from the Williamsburg Police Department.

It is requested that the citizens of Williamsburg help achieve adherence to this ordinance for all door-to-door solicitations. If an unlicensed solicitor is at your door, contact the Williamsburg Police Department at 757-220-2331 immediately.


All inquiries for solicitor permits are handled by the Community Engagement Unit. Contact Officer Herb Williams at 757-259-7156 or email Herb Williams.


All businesses need to ensure that the Williamsburg Police Department has the most current emergency contact information on file. See the link to the form, please fill it out and mail or email the document to Officer Herb Williams.

All Alarms located in the City of Williamsburg are required to be registered with the Police Department pursuant to City Ordinance Section 3.1-14.

  1. Police Department

    Physical Address
    425 Armistead Avenue
    Williamsburg, VA 23185

    Fax: (757) 259-7204
    Emergency Phone: 911

    TDD: (757) 890-3621