Taxes & Additional Duties

Virginia Estimated Taxes

The first Individual Estimated Tax voucher and payment are sent to the Commissioner of Revenue's Office to set up a local account. The payments are then forwarded to the Treasurer's Office for processing. All remaining vouchers and payments are sent directly to the Treasurer's Office for processing. The due dates for Estimated Tax payments are as follows:

  • May 1
  • June 15
  • September 15
  • January 15

Download Commonwealth of Virginia 760ES Form

If the due date falls on a weekend, the tax is due the next business day. One of the benefits of paying at the local level is that the Treasurer's Office maintains a record of each payment in our office. Payment information is then transmitted to the Virginia Department of Taxation to update individual records.

Virginia Income Taxes

The Virginia Income Tax Return is due May 1st. If the date falls on Saturday, Sunday or a legal holiday file on the next business day.

Download Commonwealth of Virginia Income Tax Form

The City Treasurer's Office processes all the tax due payments and follows up with collection procedures. The office assesses penalty and interest according to the State Department of Taxation Rates and sends notices to the taxpayer. Payment information is transmitted to the Virginia Department of Taxation to update individual records. Partial payments are accepted until December 31. After that, all collection procedures are handled at the state level.

Payment Arrangements

State Income Taxes are submitted to the Commissioner of Revenue and not paid in full a monthly Payment Plan can be requested with our office. According to State Codes, Penalty and Interest will be added each month after the due date of May 1st.

  • Complete a Payment Agreement
  • Pay each installment by the due date
  • If you are late, or you do not stay current on your obligations, our office will cancel the payment plan.

Williamsburg-James City School System

The City Treasurer's Office maintains and reconciles the Joint Operating and Cafeteria accounts for all schools, as well as the Credit Card account for lunch payments. Accounts are reconciled with the bank on a monthly basis. Visit the Williamsburg-James City School System website for more information.