Williamsburg Area Arts Commission


The purpose of the Williamsburg Area Arts Commission (WAAC) will be to assist Williamsburg City Council and James City County Board of Supervisors and other appropriate bodies and organizations in supporting and stimulating excellence in the arts and in creating an atmosphere that encourages the growth, development, and accessibility of cultural amenities for the benefit of citizens and visitors.


  • Patricia Rublein, Chair (City of Williamsburg
  • Bob Leek, Vice-Chair (City of Williamsburg)
  • Georgianna Avioli (James City County)
  • Susan Corbett (City of Williamsburg)

  • Thomas Phelps (James City County)
  • Robin Phillips, (James City County)
  • Nancy Sullivan (York County)
  • Barbara Vollmer (City of Williamsburg)
  • Nick Vrettos (James City County)

Arts Calendars

Organizations who receive funding must submit events to the Williamsburg Business Council and Williamsburg Tourism Council websites:

Applying for the Grant

The WAAC has reviewed applications for the FY23 grant cycle and will make recommendations to City Council. The City FY23 budget will be approved in the spring of 2022. Award letters will be sent out at that time. 

The next grant cycle for FY24 will be open in October of 2022. Please check back for more information. Grants are then reviewed in January 2023.


The Williamsburg Area Arts Commission welcomes all 501(c)(3) arts and cultural organizations to apply for supplementary funding for a project or performance which meets WAAC grant requirements. 

Guidelines & Criteria for Funding


Year-End Report Form

The year-end forms are always due on or before the last day of the fiscal year (June 30). 

2022 Fiscal Year Grantees

Williamsburg Area Arts Commission grant recipients for the 2021-2022 fiscal year:

Funding Sources

Total funding for the fiscal year 2022 arts grant program is $159,000. This comprises gifts of $75,000 made by The City of Williamsburg and $75,000 made by James City County plus a $9,000 state challenge grant from the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Williamsburg Area Arts Commission held its fall forum, " “Shaking the Money Tree: Grants and How to Get ‘Em," on October 21, 2021. View a copy of the PowerPoint deck here. You can also view a recording of the complete presentation.  

You may also view a recording of the Spring Forum, " Survive, Revive & Thrive: How We Emerge from the Recent Virtual Past" with speaker Ruby Lopez Harper of the Americans for the Arts.

Arts Impact Study

The arts encourage academic achievement, nurture civic engagement, stimulate economic development, and enhance the quality of life.

The following links provide reports, articles, and research validating the value of the arts: