Mayoral Council & Staff Appointments


Regional Committees

Eastern Virginia Regional Industrial Facilities Authority (EVRIFA)

Barbara Ramsey (City Council (CC) Representative)

William Carr (Economic Development Authority (EDA) Representative)

Andrew Trivette (Alternate)

Michele DeWitt (Alternate)

Greater Peninsula Workforce Development ConsortiumTed Maslin
Hampton Roads Mayors and ChairsPaul Freiling
Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities AlliancePaul Freiling
Hampton Roads Planning District Commission

Paul Freiling

Andrew Trivette (Executive Committee)

Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission

Paul Freiling 

Doug Pons (Alternate)

Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization

Paul Freiling

Doug Pons (Alternate)

Andrew Trivette (Ex Officio)

Peninsula Mayors and ChairsPaul Freiling
Virginia First Cities

Benny Zhang

Barbara Ramsey (Alternate)

Andrew Trivette (City Manager (CM) Appointment)

Virginia Peninsula Public Service Authority

Andrew Trivette

Dan Clayton (Alternate) 

Virginians for High Speed Rail Board of DirectorsTed Maslin

Historic Triangle Committees

Greater Williamsburg Chamber and Tourism AllianceBenny Zhang
Historic Triangle Collaborative

Paul Freiling

Andrew Trivette

School Liaison Committee

Douglas Pons

Barbara Ramsey

Tourism CouncilDoug Pons
Wayfinding Task Force

Dan Clayton (Appointment Made by CM)

Williamsburg Area Transit Authority

Carolyn Murphy

Erin Burke (Alternate)

City Committees

Finance and Audit CommitteePaul Freiling (Mayor is Chair)
Investment Committee

Andrew Trivette 

Douglas Pons

(Appointments Made by CM)

Neighborhood Council of WilliamsburgPaul Freiling
Quarterpath Community Development Authority

Andrew Trivette (Four-Year Term, Expiration July 31, 2019)

Williamsburg Economic Development AuthorityBarbara Ramsey

Public Safety & Human Services Committees

Local Emergency Planning CommitteeTed Maslin
Olde Towne Medical CenterBenming Zhang
Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail Authority

Andrew Trivette 

Sean Dunn (Alternate