Water / Sewer Division

The City operates and maintains its own water and sewer systems. The infrastructure consists of approximately 50 miles of water and sewer lines and sewage pumping stations. There are hundreds of valves, manholes, and fire hydrants.

We provide water and sewer service to the entire City and water service to parts of York and James City Counties. There are approximately 4,000 water accounts. Residential water accounts are billed quarterly; commercial accounts are monthly.

Workers Repairing Water LeakSewage Treatment

Sewage treatment is provided by a regional authority known as the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD).

Maintenance of Water Service Line

Residents/Businesses are responsible for the maintenance of the water service line between the water meter and the house. Residents/Businesses are also responsible for their sewer laterals and clearing blockages in the entire length of the lateral.

Submit a Public Works Request

Contact Public Works to report:

  • Damaged water meter
  • Sewage backups
  • Taste and odor concerns
  • Water leaks
  • Water/Sewer rate and fee schedule

Help to OthersHelp to Others (H2O) Program

We use water every day without ever thinking twice about the safe, clean supply that flows freely from our faucets here in Hampton Roads. In fact, we often take for granted the fact that whenever we need it, tap water is there for us. However, for some people in our community, losing water service is a reality because a sudden crisis has temporarily left them without the resources to pay their bill. In some cases, these individuals have experienced some type of personal crisis such as death, disability, or unemployment. The Help to Others (H2O) program is there to provide relief.

H2O is a community-based program that assists people in crisis through the generosity of donations. Through H2O, families or individuals in danger of losing residential water service because of a family crisis can receive one-time financial assistance to pay their local public utility and/or HRSD bill. For more information visit the H2O website.

Fees, Rates & Billing

View the Current Water and Sewer Fee and Rate 2022 Schedule (PDF).

See information regarding Water and Sewer billing.