Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes

To advance the City's vision, every two years the Williamsburg City Council identifies and adopts new strategic objectives for City government. The biennial Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes (GIOs) provide an expression of City priorities, as specific and measurable as possible, covering a two-year period.

Read the City's current GIO document:

Previous GIOs:

Final Assessments

National Community Survey Results 

The City of Williamsburg has participated in the National Community Survey — previously called the National Citizen Survey — since 2008. The NCS is a low-cost citizen survey service developed by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) and the National Research Center (NRC). The City uses the data in its Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes process and its performance measurement dashboards.

For more information on the GIOs, please contact the City Manager's office, citymanager@williamsburgva.gov, or 757-220-6100