Active TDF Projects

NOVEMBER 2023 -- The Williamsburg City Council voted unanimously on Monday, Nov. 6, 2023, to approve Tourism Development Fund (TDF) grants for seven projects in Fiscal Year 2024:

  • African American Heritage Trail: $316,900 in FY24 and earmark $200,000 in FY25, includes construction of the trail plus the purchase of an app with audio as well as trail maps for visitors.
  • Colonial Williamsburg Arrivals Center: $500,000 in FY24 and earmark $500,000 
  •  for FY25, includes funding for design and development of the center.
  • First Baptist Church Improvements: $250,000 in FY24, includes completion and installation of a redesigned and updated exhibition space.
  • Stryker Center Gallery Enhancements: $35,000 in FY24, includes addition of new interactive and digital displays and improved methods for showcasing three-dimensional artwork.
  • Wayfinding Phases 2 & 3: $425,000 in FY24, includes parking signage and digital kiosks.
  • Wayfinding Phase 4: $100,000 in FY24, includes gateway features.
  • Williamsburg Entertainment Venue: $100,000 in FY24 and earmark of $100,000 in FY25 and $1 million in subsequent years until project is paid, includes design and development of the venue as well as debt service.

This completed the FY23 grant cycle for the Tourism Development Fund.

NOVEMBER 2019 -- At its November 14, 2019 meeting, Williamsburg City Council approved seven recommendations for Tourism Development Fund grants.

Five of these projects were awarded:

  • $529,153 grant to the City's Parks & Recreation Department in FY20 and a planned reserve of $670,847 forFY21 to total $1,200,000 to complete the fourth lighted field at Kiwanis Park.
  • $250,000 grant to the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority to facilitate the design and installation of a comprehensive wayfinding signage system. City staff will manage the project.
  • $10,000 grant to the Williamsburg Regional Library to purchase additional furniture for the City Square Plaza.
  • $100,000 grant to the City's Parks & Recreation Department to purchase a portable stage available for use in the City.
  • $250,000 grant in FY20 for further study and design of an Indoor Sports Complex and planned reserves of$250,000 in FY21 for building design, $800,000 in FY22 to pay the TDF share of debt service during construction, and $1,150,000 in FY23 and FY24 to pay the TDF share of the debt service after construction.

This completed the FY20 grant cycle for the Tourism Development Fund.