Active TDF Projects

At its November 14, 2019 meeting, Williamsburg City Council approved seven recommendations for Tourism Development Fund grants.

Five of these projects are underway:

  • $529,153 grant to the City's Parks & Recreation Department in FY20 and a planned reserve of $670,847 forFY21 to total $1,200,000 to complete the fourth lighted field at Kiwanis Park.
  • $250,000 grant to the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority to facilitate the design and installation of a comprehensive wayfinding signage system. City staff will manage the project.
  • $10,000 grant to the Williamsburg Regional Library to purchase additional furniture for the City Square Plaza.
  • $100,000 grant to the City's Parks & Recreation Department to purchase a portable stage available for use in the City.
  • $250,000 grant in FY20 for further study and design of an Indoor Sports Complex and planned reserves of$250,000 in FY21 for building design, $800,000 in FY22 to pay the TDF share of debt service during construction, and $1,150,000 in FY23 and FY24 to pay the TDF share of the debt service after construction.

This completed the FY20 grant cycle for the Tourism Development Fund.