Williamsburg Public Art Council

The Williamsburg Public Art Council (WPAC) advises City Council on the acquisition, donation, commission and/or funding of public art, the acceptance of gifts and loans of public art and the deaccession of public art from the City’s collection. In its inaugural year (2021-22), the WPAC will develop policies regarding the determination of artist qualifications, specific site attribution criteria, maintenance of public art, and develop a plan for the further implementation of a robust public art program.

At its February 2021 meeting, Williamsburg City Council adopted the Ordinance #21-01 and Resolution #21-03 to create the Williamsburg Public Art Council (WPAC):

WPAC Members

  • Robert Currie (Chair), member at-large
  • Rachel Trichler (Vice-Chair), member at-large
  • Scott Spence (Secretary), Architectural Review Board 
  • Barbara Ramsey, City Council
  • Pat Dent, City Council
  • Harold Philipsen, Economic Development Authority
  • Bill Hamilton, Planning Commission
  • Sally Wolfe, Tourism Development Grant Review Committee
  • Barbara Vollmer, Williamsburg Area Arts Commission

    View WPAC meeting minutes and agendas here


The WPAC is accepting applications for City-sponsored public art on private property. If you would like to request funding and approval from the City for public art on your property, please complete the online application. At this time, murals are only allowed in the Midtown district and are a part of the WPAC's Mural Program with Midtown Row. 

If you have public art items that you would like to donate to the City's inventory, please contact us.


Goals & Accomplishments

  • WPAC takes an Inventory of existing public art - complete
  • WPAC acquires public input - complete
  • WPAC develops an application process - complete for City-sponsored art on private property
  • WPAC develops a Public Art Plan - complete