How large is your response area?

About 10 square miles. Don’t let the size of our responding area fool you, the City lends itself to a variety of emergencies:

  • Commercial fires
  • High-speed motor-vehicle accidents on an interstate highway I-64
  • Medical emergencies
  • Residential fires
  • Water rescue

Included within the city boundaries are Colonial Williamsburg - a 1.5 square mile outdoor museum of 18th-century structures - and the College of William and Mary. Each of these areas presents unique hazard potential within the city limits. The Williamsburg Fire Department protects the City of Williamsburg and aids James City County and York County on a daily basis. We protect approximately 16,000 residents, and at times, the population of the city will more than double due to the influx of out of town guests and college students.

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1. What do Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) do?
2. Do I need to be a Williamsburg resident to work for the Williamsburg Fire Department?
3. What are the minimum and maximum age requirements for a Firefighter/Paramedic or Firefighter / Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)?
4. Do you offer part time employment? Can I work summers only?
5. How important is physical fitness?
6. What is the hiring procedure?
7. Is the job stressful?
8. Is the job safe?
9. What is the work schedule?
10. Are there any benefits with the job?
11. Do I attend and graduate from a training academy?
12. How long does Hampton Roads Recruit Fire Academy (HRRFA) training last?
13. Where does the recruit training take place?
14. What certifications will you acquire once you graduate?
15. Will I work both Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) disciplines?
16. I've been a firefighter for years; do I still have to go to the Academy?
17. When do you accept applications?
18. I don't live in Virginia. Do you accept applications from out-of-state?
19. Do I have to complete a physical as part of the hiring process?
20. I have a criminal record, is that okay?
21. What are the requirements to apply for the Fire Fighter / Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Position?
22. What will disqualify me from being a fire fighter?
23. How many fire stations do you have?
24. What are the hiring interviews like?
25. How long is the probationary period?
26. How large is your response area?