Is anyone able to apply for funding?

Yes, the funding is available for use by any project and applicant if approved by the City Council after review by the Tourism Development Grant Review Committee (TDGRC).

  • This includes the City of Williamsburg, which might apply for funds for new trails, unique downtown lighting fixtures, improvements to sports complexes, or a new special event.
  • It also includes regional projects such as a sports center proposed for York or James City counties.
  • It would include William & Mary which might apply for new sporting facilities, entertainment venues, or special events.
  • It might also include the Greater Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce which might apply for regional investment for projects.
  • Additionally, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation may choose to apply for funds that enable the completion of capital projects. Examples might include public restroom renovation, new product funding, or hotel expansion.

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3. Is anyone able to apply for funding?
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