How would the TDF money be distributed?

The program will work like a grant program meaning that interested parties would apply for funding. This includes the establishment of the Tourism Development Grant Review Committee that would accept applications once annually. They would then review the applications and recommend a funding plan to the City Council for approval.

Application & Committee Members

The committee will be appointed by the City Council. The application process will include two phases. The first phase is a preliminary review by staff to determine eligibility. The second phase, if eligible, would be more detailed requiring studies and analysis of the concept at the applicant’s expense.

The committee members serve two years and must be replaced or reappointed. A member may serve as many as three terms. This means that no one member’s terms on the committee shall exceed six years of service. The committee consists of three representatives of the tourism industry, two at-large community appointees, and two ex officio members (one from the Planning Commission and one from the Economic Development Authority. The committee will solicit project applications, review every Phase 2 Tourism Development Fund (TDF) application, and will make funding recommendations to City Council. City Council will make final funding decisions.

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