How will we determine the success of the TDF?

Annual reporting and evaluation of the program staff and committee are an important part of this process. The City Council and the community have to consistently evaluate all City programs for effectiveness. Obviously, as with any program, there is a building period. The Tourism Development Fund (TDF) will take at least five years to reach a point of measurable outcome.

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1. Why do we need a Tourism Development Fund (TDF)?
2. What types of projects could be funded by the TDF?
3. How much would taxes increase if the TDF is approved?
4. Why can’t the City fund the TDF using existing revenues?
5. Is anyone able to apply for funding?
6. How would the TDF money be distributed?
7. Why does the City have to fund the projects?
8. How did City Council decide on a Tourism Development Fund?
9. Will unspent TDF money rollover into the next year?
10. How does the TDF differ from the City’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)?
11. Where has a TDF been successful in a similar market to ours?
12. How will we determine the success of the TDF?