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Tent Inspection Request

  1. Williamsburg Fire Department Tent Structure Review
  2. General Information

    Prior to the inspection, the tent must be fully setup, decorated, and a representative must be onsite. 

  3. Main Tent Structure

    No open or exposed flames are permitted inside or within 20 feet of the tent structure.

    All fire extinguishers must be properly hung and have the appropriate service tags.

  4. The occupant load factors per the building code are as follows:

    -Concentrated chairs (7 net)

    -Unconcentrated tables and chairs (15 net)

    -Standing (5 net)

    Total Square Feet/Load Factor = Allowable Occupants

  5. Cooking Tent Structure
  6. Onsite Electrical
  7. Two grounding points are required for trailer mounted generators.

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