UPDATED July 7, 2020:


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Plan to Move Williamsburg Forward Enters Phase 2 on Monday, June 8, 2020

Post Date:06/05/2020 1:48 PM

 After Governor Ralph Northam issued Executive Order 65 on June 2 outlining the state’s transition from the first phase of the state’s gradual reopening plan to the second phase, City Manager Andrew Trivette informed all staff the City would move to Phase 2 of its reopening plan consistent with the Commonwealth.

Each phase of the plan was crafted to safeguard city staff and the public to protect against a resurgence of the coronavirus while relaxing restrictions on city services.

The City of Williamsburg will continue to take the pandemic seriously — every employee’s health is critical. Some city services are administered by a sole employee and prolonged illness or quarantine could reduce the availability of a given service. The city will contract with third party service providers to augment staff as needed.

"Even as we continue to move Williamsburg forward, the City will carefully monitor infection data to make sure our policies are keeping residents and staff safe" City Manager Andrew Trivette stated in the memorandum to city staff. "While some risk of infection is unavoidable, residents need government services and its our duty to provide them as safely as possible."

The city’s plan allows employees to slowly reacclimate to a new working environment as residents adjust to changes in how the city serves them.

The City will enter Phase 2 of the plan on Monday, June 8, 2020.

  • Public buildings will remain closed to the public, except for the Stryker Center, which will have limited service.
  • Parks and playgrounds will reopen with limited services on Monday, June 8. No rental services for facilities or equipment are available at City parks.
  • All City services remain available online or by alternative means.
  • All special events that require a permit may be allowed to continue with an infection control plan or otherwise pursuant to the Governor’s executive orders.
  • City Council, Boards and Commissions may hold in-person meetings wearing face masks and limited attendance. Because of these limitations virtual meetings may still be preferred.
  • All eligible employees shall continue to telework.
  • Employees continue to wear masks, alternate shifts and have their temperature screened twice daily.
  • All business travel outside of the region is canceled.

Phase 3

For the public:

  •  All public building will be open to the public.
  •  Parks and playgrounds will open with full service.
  •  Public facilities will be available on a limited basis using a service queue. At the lobby of each public facility, patrons will need to check in, request a service and will be alerted by text or with a pager that they may proceed to the requested department.
  •  Residents in need of services will be required to wear a facemask while in any area where more than one person is present.
  •  Service counters will be outfitted with barriers and markings on the floor will show safe social distances.
  •  All city services remain available online or by alternative means.
  •  All special events that require a permit may be allowed to continue if an infection management plan is submitted to and approved by the City Manager.

For city workers:

  •  Telework will remain available for employees deemed to be at a higher risk, all other employees will report to work in-person.
  •  Employees will continue to wear masks, and have their temperature screened twice daily.
  •  The city will provide free daycare to all employees with children ages 6 months to 12 years old to help staff return to work.
  •  All business travel outside of the state is discouraged and will need approval by the City Manager.

Phase 4 — Williamsburg’s Path Forward

  •  All public buildings will be open to the public.
  •  All city services will remain available online or by alternative means.

The bullet points in these phases is not intended to be exhaustive, merely demonstrative of the city’s plan to keep the public and city staff safe during the pandemic.