1233 Richmond Road

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December 15, 2016

The City of Williamsburg, Virginia is excited to offer an opportunity to the development community for a unique public-private partnership.  The City’s recent acquisition and subsequent demolition of an existing hotel at 1233 Richmond Road has cleared the way for a gateway project in the heart of Williamsburg’s midtown district.  The property is ideally situated within walking distance of the College of William and Mary and a short drive from Historic Colonial Williamsburg.  This is a perfect opportunity to redevelop a prime property with commercial zoning in concert with the City as a partner located in one of the top 10 tourist destinations in Virginia.

Completed submissions are due to the EDA by 4pm, Monday, January 30, 2017.

1233 Richmond Road property

The recording of the pre-proposal meeting is available below.


Details on the property, the request and the process (PDF).

Zoning Information.  The property is zoned B-3, Urban Business District.

Architectural Review Board Information.  The property is in the AP-3 Architectural Preservation District.

Boundary survey of the property prior to demolition.


Applicants are encouraged to attend the Preproposal Meeting at 11:30 a.m., December 21, 2016.  Applicants may submit questions to Economic Development Director Michele Mixner DeWitt via mdewitt@williamsburgva.gov using Subject Line: 1233 Richmond Road LOI.

All submitted questions and answers will be posted here.


Submitted Questions

Is there a Preproposal Meeting?

Yes.  Staff will host a Preproposal Meeting at 11:30 a.m. EST, Wednesday, December 21, 2016 in the 2nd floor conference room at 401 Lafayette Street, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185 (757) 220-6100 to answer questions about the Invitation.  If unable to join the meeting in person, GoToMeeting is available. 

What was the purchase price that the City paid for the property? 


What was the cost of demolition for the buildings on the site?

$322,024, which includes the costs of asbestos abatement.

Has the City considered burying the overhead utility lines that traverse the property?

The City has long term plans to bury power lines on all commercial corridors, including Lafayette Street. Discussion of underground wiring during development of the site is possible.

Is the City doing anything with the swimming pool on the property?

The City is structurally filling the swimming pool.

Has there been any market demand studies for the area?

None that can be publicly shared.

Will there be some relief for stormwater regulations if there is a reduction in impervious coverage with the new development?

Yes, there will be credit given for a reduction in impervious coverage.  There will be stormwater quantity requirements that may require an underground system.  Stormwater quality requirements can likely be address by using the City's stormwater bank.

Would solar panels be allowed with the new development?

Yes, but they would be subject to review by the Architectural Review Board.

Would it be permissible to prove cash financing is available for purchase?

Yes, for instance you may have an attorney hold the money in an escrow account.  In the case that money is coming from an international account, you should consider working with a local attorney.

Should bidders assume that the adjacent commercial uses will remain?

Bidders are welcome to obtain control of adjacent properties and include use of those properties for the development proposal.

Would modern architecture be acceptable here?

Yes- the Architectural Review Board has guidelines that the property must conform to, however these guidelines are flexible to allow for a variety of architectural styles. To review the guidelines for the ARB district.

Is there a scoring methodology that will be used in reviewing proposal letters?

No, this was purposely avoided to allow for creativity in responses.  There will be in-person interviews with select candidates.

Will proposals be kept confidential?

Yes, all information will remain confidential.  The EDA and City Council will discuss matters related to the sale of the property in closed session, as required by the Code of Virginia.

Is natural gas available for this property?

Yes. A natural gas line is located on Lafayette Street.

Has an environmental study been completed for the property?

Yes. Phase I and Phase II studies have been completed. View Phase I.  View Phase II