UPDATE MARCH 30, 2020:  The following City of Williamsburg buildings and facilities are closed to the public through April 23:  Municipal Building, Stryker Center, Quarterpath Recreation Center, Waller Mill Park, Police Department and Fire Station (only required staff will be at work, others will be teleworking). Governor Northam issued a "stay at home" executive order through June 10, 2020. Business assistance information can be found here. The City's telephone hotline (for city service questions):  (757) 259-7200 and the Virginia Health Dept. call center (for COVID-19 questions/concerns):  (757) 594-7069.

Past Mayors and Governors

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List below are those who have served as Mayors of the City of Williamsburg, and those who have served as Governor of Virginia


Note: Records are incomplete for gaps in the 1700s and 1800s. Two ending dates are in doubt


John Holloway, 1712-23

Abraham Nicholas, 1735-36

Edward Barradall, 1736-37

John Harmer, 1737-38

Robert Davidson, 1738-39

John Harmer, 1745-46

Dr. George Gilmer, 1746-47

Dr. John Amson, 1750-51

John Blair, Jr., 1751-52

John Holt, 1752-53

John Randolph, 1755-56

John Prentis, 1759-60

Thomas Everard, 1766-67

Dr. James Cocke, 1767-68

George Wythe, 1768-69

John Blair, Jr., 1769-70

John Randolph, 1770-71

Thomas Everard, 1771-72

Dr. James Cocke, 1772-73

John Blair, Jr., 1773-74

John Dixon, 1774-75

Dr. William Pasteur, 1775-76


William Holt, 1776-77

William Holt, 1782-83

John Bracken, 1796-97

John Bracken, 1800-01

John Henderson, 1801-02

Richard Greenhow, 1805-06

Robert Carr, 1817-18

W. W. Webb, 1829

Thomas Coleman, 1830

William M. Moody, 1830

Henley Taylor, 1835

John J. Maupin, 1850

Robert Saunders, 1859

R. M. Garrett, 1859-63

Lemuel Bowden, 1862-63

W. R. C. Douglas, 1863-64?

John H. Barlow, 1864-67


Robert Saunders, 1868

Robert F. Cole, 1868

John D. Mumford, 1869

William A. Durfey, 1870-79?

John A. Henley, 1879-96

John L. Mercer, 1896-1904

E. W. Warburton, 1904-16

Dr. John M. Henderson, 1916-28

John Garland Pollard, 1928-29


George P. Coleman, 1929-34

Channing M. Hall, 1934-47

Vincent D. McManus, 1947-48

Dr. Henry M. Stryker, 1948-68

Vincent D. McManus, 1968-70

Vernon M. Geddy, Jr., 1970-84

Robert Walker, 1984-88

John Hodges, 1988-92

Trist B. McConnell 1992-96

Gilbert Granger, 1996-98

Jeanne Zeidler, 1998-2010

Clyde Haulman, 2010-2016

Paul Freiling, 2016 - present


Chosen by the State Legislature, 1776-1852
Elected by Popular Vote, 1852-Current



Patrick Henry, 1776-1779


Thomas Jefferson, 1779-1781


William Fleming

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

June 4-June 12, 1781


Thomas Nelson, Jr., June-Nov. 1781


David Jameson

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

Nov. 22-30, 1781


Benjamin Harrison, 1781-1784


Patrick Henry, 1784-1786


Edmund Randolph, 1786-1788


Beverley Randolph, 1788-1791


Henry Lee, 1791-1794


Robert Brooke, 1794-1796


James Wood, 1796-1799


Hardin Burnley

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

Dec. 7-11, 1799


John Pendleton

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

Dec.11-19, 1799


James Monroe, 1799-1802


John Page, 1802-1805


William H. Cabell, 1805-1808


John Tyler, Sr., 1808-1811


George W. Smith

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

Jan. 15-19, 1811


James Monroe, Jan. 19-April 3, 1811


George W. Smith

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

April 3-Dec. 6, 1811


George W. Smith, Dec. 6-26, 1811


Peyton Randolph

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

Dec. 27, 1811-Jan. 4, 1812


James Barbour, 1812-1814


Wilson Cary Nicholas, 1814-1816


James P. Preston, 1816-1819


Thomas Mann Randolph, 1819-1822


James Pleasants, 1822-1825


John Tyler, Jr., 1825-1827


William B. Giles, 1827-1830


John Floyd, 1830-1834


Littleton Waller Tazewell, 1834-1836


Wyndham Robertson

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

March 1836-March 1837


David Campbell, 1837-1840


Thomas Walker Gilmer, 1840-1841


John Mercer Patton

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

March 20-31, 1841


John Rutherford

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

March 1841-March 1842


John M. Gregory

member of the Council of State acting as Governor

March 1842-Jan. 1843


James McDowell, 1843-1846


William Smith, 1846-1849


John Buchanan Floyd, 1849-1852


Joseph Johnson, 1852-1856


Henry Alexander Wise, 1856-1860


John Letcher, 1860-1864


William Smith, 1864-1865


Francis Harrison Pierpont

Provisional Governor

May 1865-April 1868


Henry H. Wells

Provisional Governor

April 1868-Sept. 1869


Gilbert C. Walker

Provisional Governor

Sept. 1869-Dec. 1869


Gilbert C. Walker, 1870-1874


James Lawson Kemper, 1874-1878


Frederick W. M. Holliday, 1878-1882


William E. Cameron, 1882-1886


Fitzhugh Lee, 1886-1890


Philip W. McKinney, 1890-1894


Charles T. O'Ferrall, 1894-1898


James Hoge Tyler, 1898-1902


Andrew Jackson Montague, 1902-1906


Claude A. Swanson, 1906-1910


William Hodges Mann, 1910-1914


Henry Carter Stuart, 1914-1918


Westmoreland Davis, 1918-1922


E. Lee Trinkle, 1922-1926


Harry F. Byrd, 1926-1930


John Garland Pollard, 1930-1934


George C. Peery, 1934-1938


James H. Price, 1938-1942


Colgate W. Darden, Jr., 1942-1946


William M. Tuck, 1946-1950


John Stewart Battle, 1950-1954


Thomas B. Stanley, 1954-1958


J. Lindsay Almond, Jr., 1958-1962


Albertis S. Harrison, Jr., 1962-1966


Mills E. Godwin, Jr., 1966-1970


A. Linwood Holton, 1970-1974


Mills E. Godwin, Jr., 1974-1978


John N. Dalton, 1978-1982


Charles S. Robb, 1982-1986


Gerald L. Baliles, 1986-1990


Lawrence Douglas Wilder, 1990-1994


George Allen, 1994-1998


James S. Gilmore, III, 1998-2002


Mark. R. Warner, 2002-2006


Timothy S. Kaine, 2006-2010


Robert F. McDonnell, 2010-2014


Terence R. "Terry" McAuliffe, 2014-2018


Ralph S. Northam, 2018-present