UPDATED July 7, 2020:

Vision & Mission

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"Williamsburg will become an evermore safe, beautiful, livable city of historic and academic renown, served by a city government -- cohesively led, financially strong, always improving and innovating -- in full partnership with the people who live, work and visit here."


To realize the Vision, and so that the people we serve perceive Williamsburg as the best value in local government in their experience, our mission as the city's elected, career, and volunteer team is to continually provide and secure:

Williamsburg LogoSafety of our residents & visitors.
Efficacy of our transportation systems.
Reliability of public utilities.
Health of our natural environment.
Beauty of our urban & natural vistas.
Vigor of our economy.
Quality of our neighborhoods.
Effectiveness of essential human services.
Excellence of our education system.
Protection of our historic area.
Involvement of citizens in local government decisions.
Satisfaction of those we serve.