UPDATED July 1, 2020:


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BarreFlowBarreFlow is a combination of basic ballet reps at the barre, movement across the floor, balance and constructive stretch and meditation. This workout is designed to lengthen, strengthen, lift and inspire you. Come join us!  This class is instructed by Amy Rowe and intended for adults (18+).

Supplies needed:  Yoga mat, resistance band or belt and a towel.

•  Please complete registration and release form to participate.
•  All classes held at Quarterpath Recreation Center.
•  Register in person at the Quarterpath Recreation Center or by phone (757) 259-3760.

Day:  Monday
Date:      11/18/19 - 12/16/19
  01/06/20 - 03/09/20 
Time:  7:45 pm - 8:45 pm 
Cost:  $30.00
Day: Thursday
Date:  11/21/19 - 12/19/19
  01/09/20 - 03/12/20 
Time: 7:45 pm - 8:45 pm