Comprehensive Plan 2018 FAQs

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  • Where can I see the current Comp Plan?

    The 2013 Comprehensive Plan can be reviewed by clicking here.
  • How does the update process work?

    Staff drafts chapters for review by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission then reviews and discusses the chapters during a work session meeting each month. The Planning Commission uses public input, survey information, community forums, and other resources to ensure each chapter has accurate and timely information. After all of the chapters have been updated with input from the work sessions, the Planning Commission sets and holds a public hearing for the final draft. The Planning Commission then sends the final draft of the Plan to City Council for review and approval.
  • What is the Comprehensive Plan?

    The City of Williamsburg's Comprehensive -- or Comp -- Plan  is the City’s adopted policy guide for land use, and deals with issues such as community character, population growth, economic development, housing, environment, infrastructure and transportation. This  will be the City’s eighth Comprehensive Plan, the first adopted in 1953.