File of Life

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Phone: (757)220-2331
Emergency: 911

File of Life and Heads Up Programs
Medical History Inventory

The File of Life program is designed for the elderly or any other person that has special medical needs. Since June 1996 there has been approximately One Thousand "Files of Life" distributed in the Williamsburg area.

The "File of Life" is a red plastic envelope with a magnetic strip on the back, which has an insert card within that list personal medical data. The completed "File of Life" should be placed on the front door of the refrigerator in the kitchen. It should be in plain view of any emergency response personnel. Emergency teams are trained to look for the packet when responding to Williamsburg area home's.

The data listed includes:

  • Your Name
  • Address
  • Physician Name
  • Phone Number
  • Medication Taken
  • Recent Surgery
  • And other important information about
    medical insurance, living will, etc.

The "File of Life" is distributed free of charge by the Williamsburg Fire and Police Departments. Anyone interested in obtaining the packet should call Senior Police Officer Aundrea Holiday at the Community Service Unit at (757) 259-7212 or email at

The "Heads Up" Program is also offered with the "File of Life". The information required is similar for the "Heads Up" program. However, the information is returned to the 911 dispatch centers, to be entered in the main computer system. If there are 911 calls from a registered address, responding teams are alerted to any special needs before arrival.