Neighborhood Watch

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Phone: (757)220-2331
Emergency: 911


This National Neighborhood Watch Program responds to a pressing need for individual and community involvement in reducing criminal opportunity.

The idea of Neighborhood Watch actually started with the Williamsburg area long ago. The first actual Neighborhood Watch Group in this area was formed at the Jamestown Colony in 1607.

Today's program, just like in 1607, consist of a group of people concerned about there neighborhood security. There is no cost factor involved and the program has a proven success record.

 Neighborhood WatchHOW TO GET STARTED:

For the interested residents to form a Neighborhood Watch Group there is very little that has to be done.

  1. Recognize the interest in forming a Neighborhood Watch.
  2. Call the local Crime Prevention Office at (757) 259-7212, and schedule a meeting of your neighborhood residents.
  3. Neighborhood Watch is YOUR PROGRAM and is supported by your local Law Enforcement.
  4. At the meeting you will meet residents from your neighborhood, form a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH STRUCTURE containing a "BLOCK COORDINATOR", "BLOCK CAPTAIN", and LIST RESIDENCES that are to be under the "BLOCK CAPTAINS" responsibility.
The main idea of Neighborhood Watch is NEIGHBORS CARING FOR NEIGHBORS. No one knows better what is normal in your particular neighborhood than you. Police can patrol in and out of your neighborhood many times, however, they are not as familiar as you, on who resides in the neighborhood. The police can't be everywhere at all times, so we need the eyes and ears of the public to fight crime. The safety and security of your neighborhood are enhanced by your involvement.

Another part of Neighborhood Watch, is Operation Identification. This involves marking your valuable's with an electric engraver, to protect from theft. This is very simple and a deterrent for crime. After marking the property, video or photographing the items you can't engrave, make an inventory of all valuable property. Place this record in a secure place.

This inventory can be used in case of fire or theft for you to remember what you have lost.

After your Neighborhood Watch is formed, by meeting the goals and objectives of the program, the Williamsburg Police Department will install Neighborhood Watch signs (at no cost to you), at the entrance to your neighborhood. This will advise the "WOULD BE THIEF" that this is not an "EASY" neighborhood. Security resource material is available to improve the security of your home. A free security survey is offered by the Williamsburg Police Department, to review your vulnerable areas of your residence. Window and door decals are also available to place on your home.

The benefits of Neighborhood Watch are many. The improvement of security, the opportunity to be involved in your neighborhood, meeting your neighbor's, strengthening your neighborhood to improve or maintain the quality of life.

Law Enforcement cannot cause a Neighborhood Watch Group to succeed without a willingness by the neighbors to become involved and commit personal time and effort. Law Enforcement can serve as a catalyst to provide the initial stimulus to start a Neighborhood Watch Program and supply resource information, advice and support to cause Neighborhood Watch to grow, once the commitment is made by the individuals to work together as a group.