UPDATED July 7, 2020:

Parking Ambassador Program

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Parking Ambassador Program 

The Williamsburg Police Department offers our Parking Ambassador program in Downtown’s public spaces and historic core. This includes in and around Merchants Square, and in the Colonial Williamsburg area. During peak lunch and dinner hours on most days, our ambassadors will be around the downtown & business district assisting with parking, providing directions & maps, recommending sites to see, & offering pamphlets with information to enhance our guest’s visit here.

The Parking Ambassadors are easy to identify. You will most likely encounter them on foot in the area wearing a royal blue parking enforcement shirt, carrying a satchel with pamphlets and other information.


The Park Ambassador duties are far ranging and include:

  • Ensuring our public spaces are safe and welcoming for all to enjoy.
  • Observe and report: While on patrol, Ambassadors are to be watchful for unwanted behaviors or criminal activity and report to Police and/or dispatch via established communication methods. They have been trained to articulate accurate description or persons, vehicles and other similar identifiers.
  • Hospitality and customer service: While on patrol, Ambassadors go out of their way to actively acknowledge visitors in order to provide directions, information, city information or recommendations. The ambassador’s main goal is to reach out to the public, do everything possible to enhance your visit, and relay any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Professionalism: Ambassadors maintain a positive and professional presence at all times. Our ambassadors are trained to assist you and if they are unsure of any question, they will reach out to other sources in an effort to get you the help they need.
  • Ensuring compliance to encourage appropriate parking turnover.


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