UPDATED July 7, 2020:

Colonial Triad

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Colonial Triad

Colonial Triad 1Welcome to the Colonial Triad! The Williamsburg Police Department, James City County Police Department, and the Williamsburg James City County Sheriff's Office have partnered with Senior Citizens and other local senior organizations in order to reduce crimes against seniors. Meetings are held at the Williamsburg Police Department, located at 425 Armistead Ave, Williamsburg, VA 23188.  This meeting is open to the public and all are welcome to attend, for information on the next meeting contact Aundrea Holiday at 757-259-7212 or

For more information on Triad's in Virginia, visit the Virginia Attorney General's page  here.     

State Triad 1

The Virginia “Senior Alert” (VSA) Plan created by legislation in the 2007 General        Assembly  provides a valuable tool for Virginia law enforcement agencies to help locate missing “senior adults”, while allowing the broadcasters of Virginia an opportunity to contribute to the communities they serve. 
We are hopeful that Virginia’s “Senior Alert” Plan will assist in recovering missing Senior Adults that may be in great danger. 
To check to see if there is any current senior alerts, check the Senior Alert System.



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