New Recycling Program 2019

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Still have an old GRAY with GREEN top recycling cart?  Leave it out on your next recycling collection day – Monday, July 15 or Tuesday, July 16 for it to be hauled away.  

On July 1, 2019, the City of Williamsburg will have a new recycling company and with that, there will be a few changes - manageable changes, but changes nonetheless. Instructions will be attached to your new cart - we call it, "The Bag of Knowledge," please review the materials before July 1. 


Change #1 - your recycle day will change. As of July 1, your recycling will beGray_tan recycle cart
up the same day as your trash. While trash is picked up every week,
recycling will remain every other week.

Change #2 - your old cart will be picked up by the current recycling company
and you will receive a new cart from the new recycling company. The new
cart will be gray and tan.

Change #3 - plastic recycling will be limited to items stamped with #1 or #2. These plastics have a neck such as water bottles, milk jugs or detergent bottles. Newspapers, cardboard and cans will still be accepted.

Change #4 - recyclables placed outside the recycle cart will NOT be collected. The driver does not exit the truck.  This isn't actually a change, but this will now be strictly enforced.



If you need a larger recycle cart, they will be available after August 1, 2019. Please contact the Public Works Department at (757) 220-6140 or  

Sign up now for ReCollect. This free online service allows you to enter your address to view your collection days for garbage, recycling and leaf collection.

  • View, download and print your Collection Calendar
  • Sign up for reminders* (email, phone, text or Twitter)
  • Receive notifications from the City if trash/recycling collection has been delayed
  • Upload to your personal calendar (iCal, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook) 
  • Properly dispose of waste with our "What Goes Where? tool

As always, call the City Public Works Department for large cardboard pickup and for bulk pickup (i.e. appliances, furniture, etc.). They can be reached at (757) 220-6140 or



JUNE 15-25
New recycling carts will be delivered to your home. It will be gray with a tan lid (see photo above). Begin using the new recycling cart on July 1 or 2, depending on your trash/recycle day. 

New recycling program begins. 



The following materials are printable and we encourage you to share with other city residents. Post them where allowed in your neighborhood (clubhouse, rec center, etc.). 

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