UPDATED July 1, 2020:

Citizens Rights

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You have the right to:

  • Be notified
    before we take any collection action that would result in any loss of property, unless the Treasurer determines that collection would be jeopardized by delay.
  • Meet with
    the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer.
  • Have collection actions reviewed
    by the Treasurer or Deputy Treasurer:
    • By coming in to the Treasurer's office
    • By making a phone call to the Treasurer's office
    • By mailing or faxing a written explanation to the Treasurer

      Note: To allow time for a review and to stop further Collection actions, you should notify us that you are disputing the amount due before the payment due date.

  • Request procedures
    for a payment plan to pay the taxes due.

    If you have been contacted by a collection agency you should contact the agency that called or wrote to you. The address and phone number for the agency will be listed on the correspondence sent to you by the collection agency.
    If you are contacted by a Deputy Treasurer, you should contact that Deputy.
    In all cases, the procedure for requesting a payment plan is a simple verbal or written request from you.

    Request procedures for release of a lien.

    Contact us at the address or telephone number shown on the lien form and request the lien release. Describe or, if telephoning , be prepared to describe the basis for your request.
  • Have a written notice issued to a credit agency
    stating that a lien was filed in error, if that is the case. The request for a notice to a credit agency must be made within three years of the release of the lien by the Treasurer.
  • Privacy of Information

    Disclosable Items  
  • Real Property Books
  • Personal Property Books
  • List of Delinquents
  • List of who has paid taxes

Non-disclosable Items

  • Social Security Number
  • Mortgage Company Names
  • Data on Vehicles
  • Banking Information
  • Employment
  • Detailed Assessment Info
  • Income Tax Information
  • DMV Information