UPDATED July 1, 2020:

Working at the Polls

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The strength of a democracy depends upon the level of involvement of its citizens.

Get involved !

The City of Williamsburg needs more than 40 citizens to serve as election officers in its 3 precincts for each General Election. It is a rewarding way to participate in your government and help us to ensure a fair and well-organized voting process. We have Officers that work the entire Election Day, and also offer half-day shifts.

Am I qualified?

  • You must be a registered voter.
  • You cannot hold elected office or be the employee of an elected official.
  • You must enjoy meeting people and serving the public.
  • You must be able to take direction, pay attention to detail and not be easily distracted.
  • You should be available to work the entire day on Election Day.

What will I being doing?

Precinct Officers . . .

  • arrive at the polling place at 5:15 a.m. on Election Day and remain until all tallies have been completed.
  • set up voting equipment and prepare the polling place for voting.
  • process voters by checking names on list of registered voters.
  • admit voters to voting machines. tally results, secure voting machines and close the polling place.

Central Absentee Precinct (CAP) Officers . . .

  • process mailed-in absentee ballots.
  • check names of voters on lists of absentee applicants.
  • record names of voters in poll books.
  • record and process the votes cast on the Voting Machine used for in-person Absentee Voting.

Stand-by (Alternate) Officers . . .

  • may be called prior to Election Day to fill in for officers who cannot serve.

Will I receive training?

Each Election Officer is required to attend a training class prior to each election. Classes, lasting about 2 hours, are held at the Community Building at 401 North Boundary Street. Additional classes are held prior to special and primary elections.

What will I be paid?

Election Officers are paid $100 which includes the training class and working at the precinct to which they are assigned on Election day.

Where will I be working?

Whenever possible, Election Officers are assigned to their "home" precinct. However, if there are no vacancies at your polling place, you may be assigned to the other precinct or asked to work in the Central Absentee Precinct (CAP). Unassigned officers are asked to serve as "Stand-bys" to fill in for scheduled officers who cannot serve.

I would like to help out. How do I apply to be an Election Officer?

That would be great! Please E-mail or call us at (757) 220-6157.