UPDATED July 1, 2020:

Applying for the TDF

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 tdf application process sept 2018


The TDF application process consists of five steps:

A.  Applicants must submit a Phase 1 application.

The Phase 1 application is a short application consisting primarily of a thorough project description.  The Phase 1 application will be due in March of each year. City staff conducts a Phase 1 application review which is designed to determine eligibility for funding. The intent of the Phase 1 review is to limit the applicant’s expense preparing application materials for a project that may not be eligible for TDF award.

B.  If eligibility is met, applicants must submit a Phase 2 application which will be much more robust and will typically feature economic impact studies, artistic renderings, market analysis and/or a strong business plan in addition to a standardized application packet.

C.  The Phase 2 application will be reviewed by the Tourism Development Grant Review Committee who will make a recommendation to City Council. 

D.  City Council will make the final funding decisions.

E.  All applicants will be offered an interview to discuss next steps or what needs improvement.