UPDATED July 1, 2020:

Inspection Information

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Effective 3/15/05

  1. Due to recent demands for inspection services, the following changes have been made to our inspection request policy.
    • Inspections must be requested before 7:30 AM the day you want it performed. Requests made after 7:30 AM will be scheduled for the next business day.
    • Times (AM and PM) will no longer be accepted for routine inspections (rough-ins, framings, finals, etc…). Work must be ready for inspection by 8:30 AM for the day your inspection is requested.
    • Times will be accepted for inspections that involve the pouring of concrete (footings and slabs). Every effort will be made to perform the inspection within two hours of your requested time if staffing, schedule and routing allow.
    • Specific times can be requested for inspections that will require entry into an occupied dwelling.
  2. There are two methods to make an inspection request:
    • Inspection Requested by web site. You can make a request by submitting an Online Inspection Request. An acknowledgement page will follow your submitted request.
    • Recorded Inspection Request line is available 24 Hours a day at 220-6136, and select option #1 .

    Please provide the following information when making your requests by phone:

    • Permit number must be provided for any type of inspection including request to other agencies or departments listed below!
    • Address of the project.
    • Type of inspection ( framing, rough-in, footing, meter release, etc) List attached.
    • Name of the person calling (not the company name) and Call-back number for the person requesting the inspection 
    • If the requested inspection is for a footing, slab, or occupied dwelling – indicate a time for your inspection.
    • Indicate if this is a re-inspection.
  3. The Williamsburg Codes Compliance Office charges a re-inspection fee under three conditions that include:
    • If work is not ready and the inspection is not cancelled before the inspector arrives.
    • Access to the work (locked door, no one home, lack of ladder access, etc…) to be inspected can not be achieved, or
    • If violations from a previous inspection are not found corrected on the reinspection for that item.

    These fees are not penalties and are accessed only to cover the cost of the additional inspection. If a re-inspection fee has been assessed, it will be indicated on the ticket left at your jobsite. If you owe a re-inspection fee,it must be paid before you request the next inspection on that permit.

  4. Right-of-Way inspection requests can be made by calling Public Works ( Clark Wallace) at 220-6140.
  5. Zoning and Architectural Review Board inspections can be made by calling the Planning Department at 220-6130
  6. Call Codes Compliance at 220-6136 for sign footing, sign mounting and sign related electrical inspections. Call 220-6130 for Architectural Sign finals.
  7. A Certificate of Occupancy will generally be available one working day after all inspections are performed, including the final inspection performed by the Zoning Department. If you know that you will be requesting a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, we ask that you contact us 48 hours, or two working days in advance, so that conditions can be evaluated.
  8. Complete Inspection Type Listing

Building – Footing Inspection

Fire – Alarm Rough In

Building – 1 st Foundation / Projection

Fire – Alarm Final

Building – Box / Joist Inspection

Fire – Hood Fire Suppression System

Building – Foundation Waterproofing

Fire – Fire Line Flow / Acceptance

Building – Slab Inspection

Fire – Sprinkler Rough In

Building - Sheathing Fire - Sprinkler Pump

Building – Framing Inspection

Fire – Sprinkler Hydrostatic Testing / Piping

Building – Fireplace Inspection

Fire - Sprinkler Final

Building – Chimney / Throat Inspection


Building – Fire Rated Assembly

Mechanical - Rough In

Building – Insulation Inspection

Mechanical - Fire / Smoke Damper

Building – Install Above Ground Tank

Mechanical – Hydroponic Piping

Building – Install Underground Tank

Mechanical - Circulating Pump Inspection

Building – Underground Tank Removal

Mechanical – Kitchen Hood Final

Building – Final Inspection

Mechanical – Final Inspection



Electrical – Rough In

Plumbing - Rough In

Electrical – Temporary Service Inspection

Plumbing – Under Slab

Electrical – Meter Release

Plumbing – Trenching

Electrical – Footing / Site Lighting

Plumbing – Water, Sewer, Storm Service

Electrical – Trench Inspection

Plumbing – Lawn Sprinkler / Backflow

Electrical – Under Slab Inspection

Plumbing - Fire Sprinkler Line Flush

Electrical – Final Inspection

Plumbing - Fire Sprinkler Line Hydrostatic Test


Plumbing - Final Inspection

Gas – Connection Rough In / Pressure Test


Gas - Connection Final / Pressure Test