Budget Process Calendar FY2019

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September 2017

20 - City Council Retreat:  2017/2018 Biennial Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes Mid-Course Assessment.

November 2017

17 - Finance and Human Services departments send letters to outside agencies advising of budget submittal requirements and deadlines.

December 2017

4 - City Manager and Finance Director distribute budget guidance and capital improvement planning instructions to Department Heads.

January 2018

2 - Begin series of meetings between City Manager and City employees in small groups to discuss budget issues.

5 - Finance department distributes FY 2019 budget guidance and worksheets to Department Heads and Constitutional Officers.

12 - Planning Director prepares a status report on the City’s FY 2018 Capital Improvement Program, focused on major capital items, and provides to Planning Commission and City Council.

17 - Planning Commission public hearing on capital improvement program.

19 - Departmental and Constitutional Officer operating budgets due to Finance Department.  Finance begins compilation and review of budgets, and completes revenue projections for FY 2019.

19 - Deadline for receipt of all Outside Agency budget requests for FY 2019 funding.

24 - Planning Commission:  Work session on CIP

27 - City Council Retreat on budget preview and long-term financial outlook.

29 - City Manager and Finance Director begin meetings with Department Heads on budget submittals as necessary.

February 2018

16 - Planning Commission provides input to City Manager and City Council for update of the Five Year Capital Improvement Program.

March 2018

TBD - James City County to host joint meeting of the JCC Board of Supervisors, School Board, and City Council to discuss budget, enrollment, and other matters of interest.

1 - Advertise proposed property tax increase (if applicable-30 day minimum notice requirement Va Code §58.1-3321).

8 - City Council Meeting:  Williamsburg Regional Library Budget Presentation.

14 - 1st Notice of Public Hearing for Water Rate Increase Advertisement in Va Gazette (if applicable – Va Code §15.2-2143).

19 - City Council Work Session:  Outside Agency Budget Requests (4:00pm-5:00pm Arts Commission, Human Services Agencies, 5:00pm-6:30pm Tourism Marketing).

21 - 2nd Notice of Public Hearing for Water Rate Increase Advertisement in Va Gazette (if applicable – Va Code §15.2-2143).

23 - Proposed FY 2019 Operating and Capital Improvement Budgets delivered to City Council.

28 - Budget Synopsis / Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Budget advertised in Va Gazette. (Va Code §15.2-2506-7 day minimum notification).

April 2018

7 - City Manager budget report to Neighborhood Council of Williamsburg.

9 - City Council Work Session:  Overview of FY 2019 Budget and Open Forum.

12 - City Council Meeting:  Public Hearing on Proposed Budget, Tax Levy, and Utility Rates.

16 - City Council Budget Work Session (4:00 pm, if required).

30 - Supervisors and Department Heads submit annual employee performance evaluations for input into Merit Pay Plan.

May 2018

10 - City Council Meeting:  Adopt FY 2019 Operating, Capital, Utility, Public Assistance, and Quarterpath CDA Fund Budgets with Budget Resolution.

Council Sets Tax Rate.

July 2018

1 - Begin Fiscal Year 2019