Budget Process Calendar FY 2020

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September 2018

10*         City Council Work Session – Public comment on 2019/20 Biennial Goals, Initiatives, and Outcomes (GIOs)

13*         City Council Meeting – Public comment on 2019/20 Biennial GIOs

20*        Public Workshop on 2019/20 Biennial GIOs at the Stryker Center

21*         Public Workshop on 2019/20 Biennial GIO at William & Mary


5            City Council GIO Retreat

8*          City Council Work Session – Public comment on 2019/20 Biennial GIOs

11*          City Council Meeting – Review and First Draft of 2019/2020 Biennial GIOs, Open Forum

November 2018

5*          City Council Work Session – Public comment on 2019/20 Biennial GIOs

8*          City Council Meeting – Adoption of 2019/20 Biennial GIOs, Open Forum

29         “State of the City” Biennial City Council address on City accomplishments and outlook

December 2018

3          Staff FY’20 kick-off meeting – budget guidance for capital improvements to operating departments

6          Joint meeting - City Council, JCC Supervisors and WJCC School Board for WJCC school 2020-2029 CIP                        presentation

January 2019

1-31      Begin series of meetings between the City Manager and staff to discuss budget

16         Planning Commission public hearing on capital improvement program

February 2019

2         City Council Retreat on budget preview and long-term financial outlook

15        Planning Commission provides input to City Council for 5-year Capital Improvement Program update

March 2019

11*        City Council Work Session – Outside Agencies presentations, Open Forum

14*       City Council Meeting – Open Forum

15         Joint meeting - JCC Supervisors, WJCC School Board, and City Council to discuss budget, enrollment, etc.

18*       City Council Work Session – Outside Agencies budget requests, Open Forum

April 2019

8*         City Council Work Session – Overview of FY 2020 Budget and Open Forum

11*         City Council Meeting – Public Hearing on Proposed Budget, Tax Levy, and Utility Rates

15*        City Council Budget Work Session (if needed) - Open Forum

May 2019

4*          City Manager budget report to Neighborhood Council of Williamsburg - Q & A, discussion

6*          City Council Work Session – Open Forum

9*           City Council Meeting – Adopt FY 2020 budgets, Council sets tax rate, Open Forum

July 2019

1             Begin Fiscal Year 2020