UPDATED July 1, 2020:

Fire Suppression

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The brave men and women of the Williamsburg Fire Department have endured countless hours of intense training in order to attain the distinguished title of a Firefighter. These men and women accomplished the arduous task of graduating a grueling seventeen week-long fire academy known as the Tidewater Regional Fire Academy (TRFA) where they acquire certifications exhibiting a wide range of valuable technical skill sets such as: Firefighter I & II, Basic Pump Operations, Aerial Operations, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Hazardous Material Operations, Rope Skills, Confined Space Operations, and more.





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Equipment & Staffing
In order to accomplish the task of fire suppression, the department maintains a fleet comprised of a Battalion Response Vehicle, two Suppression Engines, a Rescue/Suppression Engine, an Aerial Platform Truck and a Rehabilitation Vehicle. During a shift, a suppression engine is staffed with a lieutenant, an operator and a minimum of one firefighter. If an emergency constitutes the need of the Rescue Engine, it will be dispatched instead due to the technical rescue equipment it carries. The aerial platform truck is staffed with a minimum of two experienced aerial operators that have been trained extensively on the apparatus and the equipment that it carries.


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Typically, a fire response will consist of the Battalion Response Vehicle, an Engine, an Ambulance and the Aerial Platform Truck, as well as mutual aid support from James City County and/or York County. Depending on the severity of the fire more resources will be dispatched to the scene.  The department is extremely capable of providing the public with consistent and proficient high quality firefighting. The community is served competently and compassionately around the clock, regardless of the nature of the emergency.




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