UPDATED July 1, 2020:

Evacuation Drills

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The Prevention Office can assist businesses and educational institutions with evacuation procedures and drills. A full evacuation fire drill must be held each year in most facilities. Fire drills are effective when they are properly planned and the importance is communicated to the building occupants.

The Prevention Office along with the on-duty firefighters, can assist you in the planning, monitoring and evaluation of your evacuation drill. Our service includes the following:

• Assist you in preparing fire drill procedures
• Work with onsite staff on the methodology of the drill
• Attend the drill & analyze
• Conduct a de-briefing session
• Provide technical & professional advice to aid with improving drill effectiveness

Remember, as a building owner, property manager, or tenant manger you are responsible for the safety of the building occupants. Conducting fire drills on a regular basis can prevent loss of life during an emergency situation.