UPDATED July 1, 2020:

Fire Extinguisher Class

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CERT Fire Extinguisher Class

Let’s talk a little bit about fire extinguishers!

A fire extinguisher is a device used to extinguish or control small fires often in emergency situations. It is not intended to be used on out-of-control fires. In a situation where fire has reached the ceiling, endangers the user or requires the expertise of the fire department it should not be used. No matter how big or small a fire may be the Williamsburg Fire Department must be notified without any delay by calling 911.

In the United States a fire extinguisher, in all buildings other than houses, generally need to be inspected and serviced by a fire protection service company annually. The WFD regulates the type, number, and the placement of fire extinguishers in a building where they are required.

The successful use of a fire extinguisher depends on the following criteria:

• Properly located and in good working order
• Correct type
• Fire is small enough for the use of the extinguisher
• Fire is discovered by properly trained users

The Williamsburg Fire Department can schedule classes on the proper use of fire extinguishers for the public. If you would like to schedule a class for your business or for your educational institution please contact us at (757) 220-6220.