UPDATED July 7, 2020:

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I find information regarding vacations and area attractions?

  • How do I determine if I am a City of Williamsburg Resident?

  • How do I contact the City after hours?

  • How do I rent a room at the Quarterpath Recreation Center ?

  • How do I find information on swimming?

  • How can I receive information relating to Parks and Recreation?

  • How do I get a marriage license?

  • How do I apply for a grant for arts funding?

  • How do I report suspected child abuse or elder abuse?

  • How do I apply for Social Security Benefits and/or Medicare?

  • How do I inquire about Emergency Assistance?

  • How do I apply for Food Stamps and what are the maximum income levels?

  • How do I purchase a plot in Cedar Grove Cemetery?

  • How do I report an "out of order" streetlight?

  • How do I report a pot hole in the street?

  • How do I obtain information about the Williamsburg Community Building at 401 Boundary Street?

  • How do I register for a recreation program or activity?

  • How do I find current standings for adult league sports?

  • How do I find adult or youth league sports schedules?

  • How do I buy a fishing or hunting license?

  • How do I set up trash services?

  • How do I obtain a recycling bin?

  • How do I get directions to the City buildings and parks?

  • How do I pay my bills to the City?

  • When are my bills due?

  • How do I obtain a dog license and what is the cost?

  • How do I obtain a Parking by Permit Decal?

  • How do I sign up for Automatic Water Bill Payment?

  • How do I register my vehicle with the City of Williamsburg?

  • How do I obtain a Business License?

  • What are the City's business hours?