UPDATED July 7, 2020:

Controlling Neighborhood Nuisances

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Inoperable Vehicle Regulation (City Code Chapter 12, Sections 12-60 through 12-67) provides for removal of inoperable vehicles from public property. Program includes: definitions of abandoned and inoperable motor vehicles and procedures for their removal. Inoperable vehicles on private property are handled by the Neighborhood Improvement Program (see below). Contact the Police Department at 220-2331 or

Mosquito Control Program protects public health by reducing the number of mosquitos from June through September. Program includes: fogging/spraying the entire City from public streets on a weekly basis (every Wednesday around dusk), eliminating breeding sites such as standing water, and using a low-toxicity pesticide to reduce larvae when removing standing water is not feasible. Contact: Public Works Department at 220-6140 or

Noise Control (City Code Chapter 12, Sections 12-26 through 12-30) establishes standards for noise disturbances, and prohibits unnecessary, excessive and annoying noises. Program includes: definition of “noise disturbance” and a listing of specific prohibitions pertaining to noise generated by loudspeakers, musical instruments, public address systems, etc. Information is available on the Police Department’s home page on the city website,, or from the Police Department at 220-2331 or

Neighborhood Improvement Program (City Code Chapter 12) regulates the maintenance of private property in neighborhoods. Program includes: citywide curbside inspections of all properties on a rotating basis. Program looks for exterior building and property conditions that violate city and state codes, including weeds and tall grass, accumulation of trash and debris, exterior storage, inoperable motor vehicles, and general building maintenance. Contact: Codes Compliance Division at 220-6136 or

Graffiti Prevention Program enhances the appearance of property by encouraging graffiti removal and discouraging future graffiti vandalism. Program includes: cash reward of up to $50 for property owners who promptly remove graffiti from their property. Contact: Police Department at 220-2331 to report graffiti. For additional information contact Codes Compliance Division at 220-6136 or