UPDATED July 7, 2020:

Maintaining and Repairing Public Streets

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Street Maintenance Program identifies streets in need of repair and maintains the City’s street system. Program includes: development of annual paving schedule and asphalt patching as needed. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or

Traffic Control Signs, Signals and Markings reduce traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities by regulating and controlling traffic. Program includes: maintenance and installation of traffic signals and signs and annual painting of crosswalks and stop bars. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or .

Sidewalk Repairs and Extensions maintains the quality and safety of city walkways and encourages pedestrian activity in the city. Program includes: responding to problems reported by city residents and utilizing in-house and private contractors to install new sidewalks. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or

ADA Ramps provide access to city sidewalks for residents and visitors with disabilities. Program includes installing ramps with new sidewalks and on existing sidewalks at intersections and crosswalks. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or .

Street Lighting provides city streets with lighting supplied by Dominion Virginia Power. Program includes repairing non-working streetlights that are reported to Public Works by residents. Please supply the pole number when reporting a broken light to ensure a quick response from Dominion Virginia Power. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or

Residential Underground Wiring Program gives neighborhoods the opportunity to convert overhead wiring to underground. Program requires: 100% participation by the neighborhood and commitment to pay half the cost of the underground wiring project. Contact: Public Works Department at 220-6140 or

Snow Removal is performed by city crews on roads located within city limits. The City clears main roads first, collector streets second and then local subdivision streets. Residents are responsible for clearing driveways after trucks have plowed. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or

Water and Sewer Services are provided to city residents and businesses. Residents are responsible for maintaining water service line between water meter and house. Residents are also responsible for clearing sewer blockages between the house and the city’s main line. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or

Landscaping on public property, including street trees and accent plantings, is installed and maintained by the Landscape Division. Property owners are expected to cut grass and tend ground covers up to the curb line. Contact: Public Works at 220-6140 or